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Accelerate Your Career in London

LIVE COACHING! : 21 Answers to Accelerate Your Career
Wednesday 19th April 2017, Charing Cross, London, 6.30pm to 9.00pm

WORKSHOP: The 8 Steps to Supercharging Your Freelancing Career
Monday, April 3, 2017, Earls Court , London


LIVE COACHING! : 21 Answers to Accelerate Your Career

Wednesday 19th April 2017, Charing Cross, London, 6.30pm to 9.00pm

Actionable solutions to take your career to the next level, today!

’21 ANSWERS’ is a LIVE COACHING SESSION designed to give you answers to solve your career issues QUICKLY!
Do you want to Accelerate Your Career and have a Career Question you need an answer to?
At this special career event you will have the opportunity to get answers to that burning career question you have been carrying around with you and get answers and advice from professionals and peers.
What job should I do next?
How can I increase my earning potential?
How do I get agencies to take me seriously?
How do I make a successful career change?
How do I get that promotion?
How can I land a new job in the next 30 days?
Should I quit my job to start my business?
How can I stand out from others?

How do I know I’m on  the right career path?

How do I network for job opportunities?
How do I get my first clients as a freelancer?
How do I grow my freelancing business
How can I survive whilst making a career change?
How to switch from public to the private sector?
How do I grow my portfolio career?
How do I explain a long career gap?………
Hosted by Workforce Consultant Gary Brown (author of The Jobhunter Revolution and Career Revolution 2.0), there is NO lecture to sit through and no cramming everyone’s questions into the last 6 minutes of a seminar!
Instead we cut straight to your questions.  This means that:
  • everyone’s questions are covered,
  • everyone has an opportunity to respond,
  • share experiences and ask further questions,
  • learn from other people’s questions
  • contribute to the discussion until each question has been fully answered.
You will leave with actionable solutions to take your career to the next level, be it landing that next job, changing career, or growing your freelancing career.
PLUS you will meet new people and make new contacts as it’s informal, engaging and fun!
DON’T MISS OUT! Limited Spaces. RSVP now to reserve your place! Admission Only £5.00

"Really thought provoking, thorough and fun evening. Gary's strategy to answer attendees questions gets to the heart of the matter without the waffle. It's made me think about all the things I need to do, things to 'refine' and things to start doing. Was nice to also meet the group. Very effective, thank you Gary." JB


Let's Go!
Let’s Go!
Let’s Go!

Career Revolution 2017 - Career Change Accelerator Programme

Details on request

The Successful Career Change Programme. 


1. Take Back Control.
2. Love What you Do.
3. Grow Your ‘F.L.O.W.’

In this 4 Step programme you will learn what it takes to make that career transition you have been wanting to do for so long and take your career to the next level.

You will apply the 8 Strategies for a Successful Career Change through this revolutionary method that will help you achieve clarity, focus and results in a way that is natural to your existing talents.

You will learn about the Rise of the ‘Opportuneur’, how these people are making radical career changes, being paid more in short spaces of time, and how you can too.

You will APPLY the tactics of Opportuneurs to your own career change process, UNDERSTAND  the 8 Assets of Career Acceleration and CREATE your own assets during the program.

You will finally stop wasting time, stop losing opportunities to make money and stop missing out on opportunities to have some amazing experiences.

CONTACT US to find out how to apply for one of the spaces.  

The 8 Steps to Supercharge Your Own Business

Monday, April 3, 2017, 6.30pm, Earl’s Court, London

Are you self-employed, a freelancer, gig worker, coach, interim, consultant or one man / woman band?
If you are thinking of, or already self-employed you are part of the fastest growing sector of the workforce – 4.8 million people in the UK who have already done the same. A recent study showed that self-employed people are happier than 9-5’ers, but half of them are earning less than their corporate counterparts.
How can you avoid the ‘Freelancer’s Dilemma’ of extra free time and greater sense of fufilment vs periods of insecurity and lack of guaranteed income.
How can you be sure you are pursuing the right business model for your freelancing career, and what about all those online marketing programs that promise to get you thousands of clients – how can you be sure which is right for you – if any?
The secret answer to all of this is one word: ‘FLOW’
Gary C Brown will explain what ‘CAREER-FLOW’ is and how getting your career into ‘flow’ is the fastest and most successful way to:
• take your freelancing career up a level,
• gain more traction,
• attract more clients,
• make a greater impact,
• generate more revenue and
• enjoy the process along the way
without all the frustrations normally associated with running your own business or portfolio career.
You will hear how to achieve flow in your career and the 8 Steps to Supercharging your Freelancing Career.


BOOK NOW. Last few seats left.

Let’s Go!