The World of Work is Changing Fast 


major changes in our economies are resulting in huge structural changes in the labour market.

the average worker is now expected to have 11 jobs over their lifetime.

the average time it takes for a professional to move from one job into another however is increasing.

whole industries and sectors are experiencing disruption – from steel manufacturers to financial services.


the skills required to successfully grow your career in today’s climate are much different today than they were just five years ago.

complacency is the mother of calamity.

to accelerate , change or grow your career prospects in today’s labour market it takes a whole new set of skills to master.

at careerevolution our role is to equip you with those skills so that you can leverage the knowledge, expertise, talent and passions you’ve already amassed in order to obtain the work life you deserve.

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“The 4 Step Method for accelerating , changing or growing your career.

Take back control and achieve the security, meaning and fulfillment you deserve.”

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discover where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there. get clarity and a clear plan of action to take you to the next level in your career


identify your position in the market. what makes you unique, how to stand out from the competition and the best way to communicate your value to the market.


create & deliver your campaign. get on the radar of those that matter, whom to contact, how & where. make a powerful impact & get results.


take action. take your campaign to the next level with additional personal coaching and support. get on-going support to overcome barriers and really crush it









‘This was an excellent session. A fresh perspective on familiar points, plus some new ideas and very helpful prioritisation from an interviewer’s point of view. Also very well delivered. Energetic and Highly motivating.’ JA
‘Outstanding. Gary’s energy + his process enabled a breakthrough – business rather than job’.
“…excellent… full of business and practical advice rooted in hard-nosed business experience. A great session.”
‘Hands-on advice, totally clear. I recognised that what I did up to now is completely wrong!’
‘I found out that personal profile will help to get a job, if it is organised in a right way – lead on achievement approach with exact numbers. It will show that you are serious about the area and role, plus what value you will bring to the employer. I look now at job, as investment for the company (employer) – you need to show that you are good bond to invest in.’
“I wanted to give you a quick update on my progress…….I was offered four interviews before Christmas and attended three from a wide range of sectors including London School of Economics for a corporate relations job, a property consultancy and a business mentoring role for a training organisation….

I was offered two. Sadly, I had to turn down the business mentoring role, I also decided against the property consultancy as it was a part-time job which they wanted to make into a full-time job to accommodate my requirements.

In February, I was offered an inward investment role at the City of London which I accepted…….. I am excited about this role as it is international, marketing and events focused and also involves lots of relationship building with their top 100 large businesses.

Your techniques really worked a treat and it was money very well spent…..Thank you again for your help – I’m happy to be a case study or a testimonial for you”. L Clarke

“First rate.” KB
“Covered a lot of ground. Well presented. Interactive.” CW
“Very informative and with great insight into the job market and its practicalities.” PJ
‘Excellent. Very Interactive! Many thanks to Gary’ Lynda Bouchenel
‘Friendly, helpful environment. Friendly speaker. Gary was approachable and answered everyone’s questions relevantly. Informative and useful event! (More please!)’Ros Hilton
“Very thorough! Quite detailed, elaborated upon areas/things, etc.”
“Gary was amazing! He paid special attention for each of us. We even forgot to take a few minutes break 🙂 ! Most important is I’ve got what I want about my CV.”
“Gary knows what he is talking about. He gave us many good examples and ideas and tried to transmit us a better and active attitude. Thank you!”
“Gary is excellent. He is full of business and practical advice rooted in hard-nosed business experience. A great session.”
“Because it was dynamic, clear, and made you work quickly about your potential and achievements in your working life”
“Thank you so much, we are leaving the session with practical tools and a plan ahead that I believe will really make the difference in finding a job. Merci!! :)”
‘Very Good. Like to have Gary as a coach’ Aki Thompson
‘Incisive. Prompting new perceptions on long term goals’ Jennifer Spiller
“Exceptional Speaker. Brilliant presentation and Powerpoint. Motivating and Enlightening. First seminar I have heard something right and different from others.” SP
“Wanted to get in touch since I attended a consultation you gave in March.

I actually found your talk very interesting and inspirational. Whilst I always believed the right job would happen some day, the hints and tips you gave made me think twice when I went into my next interview.

I used them and also studied for 3 days preparing myself for the interview. I ended up getting the job as well as being offered another job from a previous company who had seen me, I didn’t get the original position with them but another one came up and they wanted me too.

Goes to show, (xxxxxxx) do count.

I did say I would keep you informed of my search so voila. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Best regards.”Lillia

“I found the whole session a good morale boost and it helped clarify the way I searched and applied”. Bhaeddin Fhatom
“After my 1-2-1 coaching session I felt incredibly encouraged for my job search”. Cristina Pia
“Really good and informative. Answered all questions. Also inspiring.” name witheld
“Excellent. Great speaker. Quite interactive. Will definitely recommend that seminar.” CB
‘The Seminar was presented very clearly and professionally, I will be taking away new ideas and impetus’ Mike Ashling
‘Inspires confidence. Provides a Framework / Guidance’ Colin Lee
‘Meeting helped me to realise how much I needed to take control of my job searches – after losing confidence during long period out of work’ Deborah Nichols
“Very good motivation and help. Focuses on achievement. Created a good atmosphere within the group.”
“Informative, engaging. Chance to engage & quick feedback. Educative – understood today importance of matrices in achievement.”
“Clearly structured and to the point. Well delivered and thorough. Very helpful session.”
“Really brilliant. Want to spend time with Gary and his crew. “
“Very personable, practical, no nonsense with real examples.”
“Very informative, made me want a refund having paid lots of money to professionalise my CV.”

About Us

  • Our programmes are designed by professionals who are employers, managers, recruiters, hr specialists and advisors,  and based upon 10 years of research conducted amongst the 100’s of employers,  recruiters and thousands of applicants we have worked with.

    Our unique insights into the new world of work and how to navigate it has helped us successfully coach over 1500 professionals through  redundancy, career changes, career breaks and returning to the labour market in the uk alone.

    We have created and delivered workforce and recruitment solutions for some of the largest companies in the world.

    This depth of experience provides us with a unique 360° perspective and real world understanding of the job hunting and career development process in a modern, changing economy.

    This enables us to possess unique insights that are incorporated into the advice, training and support we provide for you, enabling you to progress faster.

    This unique approach sets us apart from other executive coaches and career management services and underpins our success rate and consistent positive feedback.

  • Founder and CEO Gary C Brown is a Business Development and Workforce specialist with 16 years experience in the private and public sector improving performance through effective strategy, development, recruitment, project management and alignment of teams.

    A business consultant for 6 years Gary designed and managed some of the largest employment and business support programmes in the South East.

    In 2005 he founded The Symmetry Group Recruitment and Talent Management Consultancy and for 10 years provided workforce solutions for clients across education, regeneration, housing, facilities management, business analysis, procurement, logistics, hospitality and manufacturing sectors.

    Specialising in business development, strategy and bid development, regeneration and change management, workforce development, recruitment, resourcing and outplacement,   Gary’s passion lies in helping companies build and deliver innovative services through the development of effective workforce and business growth strategies,  and assisting individuals to maximise their performance through effective career management.

    Gary is author of ‘Job Hunter Revolution: Accelerate Your Career in 30 Days’ and ‘Career Revolution 2.0: Mastering Career Change in the New Economy’.